We Are Changing Lives - Full Color Vinyl Lettering

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Vinyl Lettering for your vehicle window


Please follow carefully the instructions to calculate your cost for vinyl lettering: 
  1. Enter each line of text as you want it to appear
  2. Type out the dimensions you want to the vinyl to be:     Length x Height in inches only.
  3. Calculate your total square footage using this formula:        (Length x Height) divided by 144 = square feet  i.e. if your dimensions are 36" x 12" then it would be 36"x24"=432, then take 432 and divide it by 144 = 3 square feet.  (if your calculations have numbers after the decimal point, then round up to the next solid number)
  4. Enter the number from your calculation in step 3
  5. Then select the total square feet in the next option.
  6. Select your font style and then click Add to cart.
Standard Production Time (subject to change daily): 5-7 Working Days

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L" x H" i.e. 36" x 12" (in inches only)

Sq. Ft Formula= (LxH)/144 (round UP to solid number)

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